Fitness and Travel Marketing

Sports, Recreation and Tourism might seem like it’s all fun and games — and, yeah, we have a blast with this stuff. From taking that vacation someplace new to pushing yourself athletically, our clients make it easy to go outside your comfort zone and live a little. But there’s also the practical, business-focused side to things involving building customers' trust with a brand. For us, this means finding the intersection between fun and credibility, working it like a gymnast on a beam, then sticking the dismount with unique, jaw-dropping solutions.



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GameTime, one of the leading playground manufacturers in the U.S., had to grab the attention of Parks and Recreation directors across the nation leading up to the National Recreation and Park Association Tradeshow in Las Vegas. They were also launching a new line of equipment designed to revolutionize exercise and play for ages 8 to 80. How could they do both?

Create a disruptive, customized mailer that asked Parks and Recreation directors in major cities across the country to “Accept the Challenge.” Utilize variable data to create a personalized, interactive, direct mail piece telling the story in a visually stunning and compelling way. The video-In-print technology allows video to start as soon as the print item is opened. The initial goal was to have 50 cities commit to an installation by year’s end. By the second day of the tradeshow, 25 cities had committed. We’re not mathematicians, but that sure looks like 50% of their goal in under 48 hours.

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